Weekend sideshows erupt in San Francisco, Oakland

San Francisco and Oakland police were busy over the weekend, trying to crack down on illegal sideshows.

On Sunday, police in San Francisco broke up the gathering of drivers about 11 p.m. near Fulton Street and Masonic Avenue. Police said it took them more than an hour to break up the sideshow because so many people and cars were there.

One driver was arrested and that person's car was impounded. Other drivers drove off before they could be stopped.

On Saturday night, Oakland police were dispatched to a sideshow where drivers were doing donuts along Park Boulevard and Spruce Street in the city's Ivy Hill district.

Police told KTVU that officers were aware of sporadic sideshow activities throughout the city, such as the areas of 106th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard as well. 

Oakland police said officers managed the sideshows as best they could, but with limited resources, due to "multiple critical incidents."

Oakland education activist, Dirk Tillotson, was killed on Saturday night; Oakland's 105th homicide, not too far away. His wife was shot but is expected to be OK.