Wind advisory issued in Bay Area as fire risk remains high

Officials said high winds and dry conditions will lead to greater fire risk this weekend. 

A wind advisory was issued for the Bay Area Saturday afternoon. The high winds could easily knock over branches and trees that would down power lines and threaten thousands of people in their homes, especially near Napa, officials said.

"You know we could have a repeat of an Atlas fire or other similar fire catastrophes," said Napa County Emergency Services Director Kerry Whitney. 

Pacific Gas and Electric notified customers Friday that parts of Northern California, including Napa and Sonoma counties, could experience power shut offs.

The possible outages appear to be much more targeted than the widespread shutoffs seen in the past. Click here to see PG&E's update section.

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This comes as there is little to no rain the forecast. The National Weather Service long range outlook shows below normal rain levels over the next few months.