A family searches for East Bay 19-year-old missing since New Year's Day

A mother in the East Bay is asking for help in finding her missing teenage son. 

She said she spoke with him shortly before he vanished in Concord

Police said they've conducted an extensive search including the use of drones, ATVs and rescue dogs.

Damond Lazenby's family said it's difficult not knowing what happened to the 19-year-old from Pittsburg.

Relatives are desperately searching for him. 

On Thursday afternoon, relatives posted flyers near the North Concord Martinez BART station, in the area where Lazenby was last seen.  

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His family said he's been missing since the early morning hours of New Year's Day.

"He's just gone. No one vanishes.  No one just vanishes. Where is he at?" his mother, Tanita Lazenby, asked.  

She said she received a phone call from her son about 4 a.m. on Sunday. 

He told her he was driving from their family home in Pittsburg and wanted to meet her in Oakland where she was staying. 

"He sounded really upset. I told him, 'Don't drive. You're too upset to drive,'" Tanita Lazenby said.

Her son did not say what was upsetting him.  

But they agreed that mom would drive to Pittsburg to talk with him at their home. 

Tanita Lazenby said she soon learned that police made a disturbing discovery: 

Her son's green Volkswagen was found with the engine running and the lights on, with some of his clothes found on the ground nearby, along the median on Port Chicago Highway, below the Highway 4 overpass. 

The front tire on the driver's side was flat. 

"He's always in contact with me, my mother, my grandmother, my father or my sister.  We always know where he's at anytime," said Ronnell Hicks, the teen's brother.  

Mom said her son had his cell phone and wallet with him.

She said police told her phone records show his last call was the one made to her and that investigators are checking for activity on his bank cards and surveillance videos in the area.  

Family members are concerned he may be the victim of foul play.  

"I just want you to come home baby. I want my baby to come home. That's all i want. Just come home," said Tanita Lazenby.

Relatives described Damond Lazenby as a jokester and a hard worker who had joined his father in his moving business.

They said he does not have mental health issues .  

He is 6' 3'' and weighs just over 160 pounds.

Anyone with information should contact Concord Police.    

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