San Francisco bomb suspect enters not-guilty plea

The man accused of throwing bombs at San Francisco police officers as he led them on a chase through the city entered not guilty pleas in court on Wednesday. This is far from the first time Daniel Garcia has appeared in a courtroom.

Garcia was previously convicted on explosives charges, and today found himself in somewhat familiar territory, in court answering to more explosives charges.

Garcia entered the courtroom flanked by three San Francisco sheriff's deputies. 

Following a wild police chase on Sunday, where officers say he threw two bombs out the window at them after assaulting a parishioner in church, the 42-year-old was formally charged with attempted murder, explosives charges, assault and numerous other felonies. "We do waive instruction on arraignment," said Public Defender, Doug Welch in court. "We enter pleas of not guilty. Deny all allegations."

His public defender asking the public to not jump to conclusions. "In my experience many years doing this, never have I had a case where the fact didn't turn out differently than initially received," said Welch.

Garcia was convicted on explosives charges in 2012, and released in 2019. "We are looking into all of the facts at this time including history, what happened in this case and will deal with that when the appropriate time comes," said Welch.

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San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said, considering the incidents of Sunday night, and Garcia's history, his officers removed a dangerous man from the streets. "He's a very very dangerous person in my opinion and iI don't think there's a regard for human life or safety of the public, officers or anybody else. So, people who have that mindset need to be held accountable. 

Garcia is due back in court Thursday.