Electric vehicle new registrations jump 60% in 1st quarter of 2022

With gas prices continuing to rise, more drivers are turning to electric vehicles to ease the pain at the pump.  

Over 135,000 people bought an electric car in the first three months of this year. 

"It’s ridiculous and I’m so glad I don’t have to go to the gas station anymore," said Rahkee, who's been driving a Tesla since 2019. 

More and more people are saying goodbye to gas-operated vehicles and saying hello to electric cars.  

"You just get in your car, you put it in drive and you go. There’s no turning it on, there’s no key, nothing like that. You just put it drive and you go," Rahkee said.

Automotive News reports that new Electric Vehicle registrations increased 60% in the first quarter of this year. Tesla sold the most EVs, followed by Ford and Hyundai-Kia.  

"This is a Tesla Model S. It’s actually the sport edition of the Model S. It’s an older model," said Jacob, a Tesla driver.   

"The manufacturers are coming up with more and more models, actually pushing them into the market because finally they can make money with this. This is all coming together and this is why we are seeing this uptick. Not to mention gas prices are up," said Sven Beiker, a lecturer at the Stanford Business School.    

AAA says the average price of gas has now reached $6 in California and that’s expected to rise July 1st when the state’s gas tax increases. The national average gas price is $4.52. Beiker says electric cars cost more upfront but in the long run, people can save a lot of money.  

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"No oil change on an electric vehicle. No spark plugs on an electric vehicle so you actually save on this as well. So overall, electric vehicles are cheaper for consumers," Beiker said.   

Electric cars can travel from 100 to 350 miles on a full charge and charging stations are available in most metro areas.  

"When you have a gas car, you can just pull up to a gas station, quickly fill it up, and be on your way. This one you kind of have to wait about 45 minutes to get on your way. So it does put a bit of time on your road trip," Jacob said.   

Beiker says it’ll be years before the majority of people are driving electric vehicles. More charging stations will need to be built but for now, it seems saving money on gas is a lot of people’s top priority.