'Free, free Palestine': Protestors chain themselves to Pelosi's SF office building

Dozens of protestors have chained themselves to Rep. Nancy Pelosi San Francisco's office Thursday, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the end of American military aid to Israel. 

Protestors say they are blocking entrances to the San Francisco Federal Building on Seventh Street with "heavy chains" and have "chained themselves together." 

Red, white, and green flags and posters dotted the street as demonstrators shouted "Free, free Palestine." The protestors spilled from Seventh Street to Market and Mission Streets.

"There is only one solution right now: a ceasefire. Nancy Pelosi has the power to end the genocide and the war today… We are not leaving until she signs the ceasefire resolution," a statement from the protestors said.

They are referring to a resolution from Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) that calls for the Biden Administration to de-escalate the violence and send humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

The protestors say they won't leave until the speaker emerita "takes action supporting an immediate ceasefire in Gaza."

Several protestors told KTVU they have their own personal ties to Gaza. 

"We are here to call on Nancy Pelosi to sign the ceasefire resolution that's in Congress right now, we are here to tell Nancy Pelosi that she has blood on her hands and to also call out $3.8 billion in funding that the U.S. sends to the Israeli military every year," said Violette Mansour.


"U.S. officials like Pelosi have the power to exert tremendous pressure on Israel to cease its hostilities and slaughter. They have a resolution before them calling for an immediate ceasefire. Doing anything else is complicity," said protestors in a statement.

The San Francisco Police Department has asked residents to avoid the area. It's unclear when the protest will end. Along with SFPD, federal authorities have set up a perimeter around the protest. No indications have been given if they intend to break the protest up.

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Protestors chain themselves to the SF federal building, blocking access to Pelosi's office

Pelosi has expressed support for Israel, tweeting in part "The US stands unwaveringly with Israel and supports her right to defend herself. Security in Israel must be swiftly and permanently restored" when the war first started.

This is not the first time protestors have appeared at Pelosi's front demanding political action over Israel. 

In July 2020, protestors showed up in the morning at her San Francisco home demanding she support conditions in military funding to Israel over their plans to annex part of the West Bank.

KTVU has reached out to Pelosi's office for comment but did not hear back.

KTVU reporter Christien Kafton contributed to this report.