Oakland streetwear store burglarized again; owner unsure about reopening

Thieves targeted yet another small business in Oakland, clearing out nearly all of its merchandise. 

Osi Umunna, the owner of Inner Desires on Grand Avenue, said the group of thieves took nearly everything in his store early Sunday morning.

Umunna said this time, a witness saw four suspects arriving at the store in two vehicles: a white Dodge Challenger and possibly a Jeep Cherokee.  .

"I'm kind of numb, kind of numb to it because I've experienced it over and over," Ummuna said.

He added that this is the seventh time  he's been a victim of theft.

He said he was robbed at gunpoint in front of his store when it was located in downtown Oakland, and that store was broken into five times. 

"That was when I said I can't be at this location anymore," Ummuna said.

He moved to his new location in February of last year. 

Now, there are  empty racks and an uncertain future. 

He said no one's been arrested for any of the burglaries and he has no idea if  the same thieves are responsible  each time because there faces were covered. 

"Once you have something that they want, what do you do? I've experienced it.  It's like a pattern. I know they're coming. When are they going to come is the issue," said Omunna. 

He estimated his loss for this break-in  to be $60,000. 

He said the thieves stole 20 to 30 denim jackets and up to 200 pairs of jeans.  

His store is also a venue for live music shows, meet and greets and pop-ups. On Friday, rock bands performed there.  

He said  his business model is to help artists. 

Umunna said he is disheartened by  what happened. .

"I can't keep carrying the weight on my own.  We pride ourselves in being a platform for artists and creatives," said the business owner. .   .

Umunna said he started a GoFundMe to pay the rent and the salary of seven part-time employees. 

When and if he'll reopen the retail store is up in the air.

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