Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson spotted filming in San Francisco

SNL's Kenan Thompson was spotted in San Francisco Tuesday filming a commercial.

Thompson was filming what is believed to be an Old Navy ad at Folsom Street and Embarcadero. Photos show him dressed in cuffed jeans, holding an Old Navy clipboard, and standing next to a line of kids.

The star sighting was documented throughout social media, as many locals going about a regular day, ran into him.

"Walked out of work to @kenanthompson filming something right down the street," said @mscaitlin55 on Twitter. "Pretty damn awesome."

In a Reddit post with over 1.2 million up votes some joked about his cuffed jeans, saying they were ‘too long’ and a flashback to the 90s.

Thompson was also spotted at Punch Line during Dave Chappelle's show Monday night, one commenter said.