Taylor Swift concerts up mass transit use

Bay Area mass transit is getting a showcase as big as a Taylor Swift Concert. Even at midday Friday, many Swifties took BART to connect with VTA at Milpitas which stops at Levi's Stadium.  

"I was recommended that we take transit because the parking was full at Levi's Stadium. So, this seemed like a better option," said Swiftie Keri Holmes. 

"We don't want to drive on the weekend to find parking. So, I feel it's just like and easier way there and easier way to get out," said Swiftie Lena Hung.

Based on the Eras Tour phenomenon, transit operators see this as a golden opportunity to re-introduce tens of thousands of riders onboard. 

"Really, across the country, I have read news stories about big surges in transit ridership among folks going to a Taylor Swift concert. There's a ripe opportunity because so many of the Taylor Swift concert goes are younger people whose traveling habits have not been formed," said Metropolitan Transportation Commission's John Goodwin.

It's as golden as it gets. 

"To have all of these young people and their families get on a train and get their safely without having to drive and spend money on expensive parking and sit in traffic," said BART's Chief Communications Officer Alicia Trost. 


"Yeah, like I think getting out, it's just gonna be a nightmare if you're driving, said Swiftie Carmen Chen.

The Poon family was in the market to buy last-minute tickets. 

"We're actually from Canada. We went to San Francisco for a family vacation. Since Taylor Swift was here at the same time, why not just go to the show and see," said Swiftie Hanna Poon.

For those who can't catch the regular trains that end at 11:51, there are extended hours.

For both concerts, BART will run some trains at 12:30 AM. But they will stop at only four stations that are close to freeways and where fans can park: Bayfair, MacArthur, Pleasant Hill and El Cerrito Del Norte.

Safety escorts will accompany BART riders who use these stations from the train to the parking lots.

"Walking from the train to the parking lot, so you feel safe taking transit in the middle of the night," said Trost

Caltrain and VTA will have limited, late, post-concert service as well.