Shark attack survivor released from hospital

A Central Coast man who was attacked by a great white shark has been released from the hospital. 

Steve Bruemmer, 62, was swimming near Lovers Point Beach in Salinas last month when the shark came within a millimeter of severing a major artery. He had wounds to his abdomen, thigh, and arm, a witness told KTVU. 

According to his doctor, he narrowly escaped death. 

But on Wednesday, Bruemmer was released from Natividad Hospital, KSBW reported. Photos show him seated in a wheelchair, wearing a t-shirt that says Shark Attack Survivor. His left leg was in a brace. 

"It could’ve been much, much worse he could’ve not made it out of the water," said Bruemmer’s doctor Nicholas Rottler, a trauma surgeon at Natividad Medical Center.

Bruemmer was in the hospital and rehab for three weeks prior to being released on Wednesday.