VTA light rail trains are running again with limited service

The South Bay's train service is returning to rails three months after the Bay Area's deadliest mass shooting. That means people who rely on public transportation for work can take advantage of it once again.

In May, a VTA employee shot and killed 9 of his co-workers before killing himself. That led VTA to suspend its light rail service. In the three month period, officials say they retrained and re certified its employees while giving survivors emotional support.

For the some people, the return of light rails means an easier commute to work.

"I'm actually going to be serving some beer today," said David Olvera. He took the train Sunday morning to go work the 49ers-Raiders game at Levi's Stadium. Until today, he was spending money on Ubers to get to work.

"That's obviously more expensive and to serve beer, you're only making $20 an hour so it's really helpful to have the light rail running."

Train service is limited. They will run the Orange line, which includes the Milpitas BART Station, Levi's Stadium, and the Mountain View Cal Train station.

Passengers say while they're happy to have the service back, they understand why VTA needed to take a break.

"That's a tough thing to go through," said Olvera. "But it's nice to have it back and back into the swing of things."

"I hope they are okay," said Henok Yemense, who was also heading to work on a train Sunday morning. 

"It was very hard for me and for other commuters too. But now it's good."