Woman says French bulldog that was stolen at gunpoint is home safe

The owner of a French bulldog named "Dezzie" that was stolen at gunpoint on Park View Terrace and Montecito Avenue Thursday night posted on social media that her pet is safe at home. 

She did not provide details on how she got the dog back but said that she is "beyond overjoyed" and thanked all who joined the search for Dezzie, who she said is "OK and recuperating." 

The purebred toy breed, which sells for around $3,000, appears to be a popular target among thieves lately. On Saturday night police were searching for suspects who held up two women at gunpoint in Castro Valley, taking their French bulldog and a purse with keys, which the robbers later used to steal the victim's car.  

And on Jan. 7 a French bulldog puppy that was stolen on New Year's Day from San Francisco's Marina District was reunited with its owners.  

Police said the victim was walking the dog when a suspect exited a vehicle, grabbed the dog's leash, pulled the dog into the vehicle and fled.  The dog, "Rosie," was sold to someone in the Sacramento area who saw social media posts about the robbery and figured out that Rosie was the dog he had purchased so he returned it.