Die-hard 49ers fans deliver baby at home during Niners' final season win

A family of San Francisco 49ers fanatics had an unexpected guest arrive at their recent watch party at their Vallejo home. Their brand new baby girl was delivered during the final Niners’ win of the season.

Jacob and Nadia Roberts recall the play-by-play of a day they’ll never forget.

The Roberts family carries that tradition of the 49ers holding a special place in their home.

"I was born into a Niner family. My mom grew up watching them, my dad grew up watching them," said Jacob Roberts.

That love spans generations especially with the birth of the Roberts’ daughter, Malika, nick-named "Purdy" after San Francisco’s quarterback Brock Purdy.

When the 49ers were taking on the Dallas Cowboys more than a week ago, their new baby was running the clock.

The Roberts family with their newest addition. 

"Purdy, that’s all I can think about, Purdy," Jacob Roberts said. "She wanted to come out and watch Purdy trying to take the Niners to the Superbowl."

Nadia said she started having contractions during the first quarter. With a full house, Jacob settled in to watch the game and entertain.

"I kept telling her to wait until the Niner game’s over," he said. "Wait, just wait!"

But by the second quarter, time was running out.

"He was so into the game and I’m like ok, I don’t want to hear about the game any more right now, like stop! This is happening you know?" Nadia Roberts said.

With no time to get to the hospital, deliver was the play in the bedroom. Nadia was the center. Jacob was the quarterback.

"It was almost like I was having the ball snapped to me," he said. "I was saying hike and then she came out. That’s how fast she came out."

By halftime, the Vallejo Fire Department was called in. Paramedics provided critical care.

"It’s probably a call that myself and my crew will never forget," said Capt. Jonathan Alberti. "It was a special moment when we were able to walk out with the baby in my arms and present it to the family."

Everything came as a surprise to those still watching the football game in the living room.

By the third quarter, the Roberts were in the hospital. Malika scored a spot in the nursery as her parents watched the final quarter from the recovery room.

Jacob and Nadia Roberts alongside the Vallejo firefighters who helped them deliver their baby girl during the 49er's final win of the season.

The 49ers beat the Cowboys by a touchdown to advance to the NFC title game, and meant more to the Roberts than seeing their team in the Super Bowl.

"God, it’s special. It means a lot," Jacob Roberts said. "It’s something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life."

At 7 pounds, 14 ounces, Malika "Purdy" Roberts will carry on the family tradition of being a 49ers super fan.

"I mean how could she not be? She was born during the Niners game and they won," Nadia Roberts said. "And we’re Niners fans and there’s no way she’s not going to be. She has to be."

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