Enjoy the break in the rain while you can, it won't last

In the midst of all the flooding and torrential rain in Northern California, Thursday's weather provided a break from the recent rainy days. However, this break may be short-lived as the Bay Area and parts of Northern California are expecting more wet weather Friday and throughout the weekend.

Meteorologist Mark Tamayo explained residents in the Bay should expect rainfall starting anywhere from 7-10 a.m. Friday. Another system is also moving towards the region early next week on Monday, Tamayo said. 

This is in stark contrast to Thursday's sunny weather throughout the region; however, rain is headed towards the North Coast and high clouds and rainfall are inching towards the North Bay, prompting flood warnings in some areas.

There is also a slight possibility of a north-based "sprinkle," Tamayo predicted.

Main activity for the weekend weather is expected to be in the North, especially by Cape Mendocino around Humboldt County. 

Residents should expect a "soggy weekend" throughout the Bay as the storm track re-energizes itself from Thursday's dry spell. 


The upcoming rainfall is not expected to be as major as the recent weather that has battered the region but is still expected to produce moderate rainfall.

Bay Area residents should be aware of possible flood advisories, mudslides, flooding concerns, and downed trees through next week. Those in the Sierra can expect more snow.

In Crescent City, residents can expect some light rainfall Thursday afternoon as the upcoming system inches closer to the Bay.

In Guerneville, the Russian River is expected to rise to 37 feet deep around 10 a.m. on Sunday compared to its Thursday noon depth of 27.9 feet. Additionally, Mark West Creek, Green Valley Creek, Laguna de Santa Rosa, and Santa Rosa Creek in Sonoma County are expected to rise till midnight.

Tamayo explained the weather system will be coming in two parts: a "warm" part that will last through Friday with a second part of low pressure moving during the weekend, which will generate moderate to heavy rainfall.

Friday will also see cooler conditions, but may also have drier weather in the morning. Breaks from rain showers may also occur on Saturday afternoon, Tamayo predicted.