X, formerly Twitter, installed a lit up sign atop its HQ, not everyone is thrilled

X, the company formerly known as Twitter, debuted a new sign atop its headquarters in San Francisco Friday night by blasting lights illuminating the X logo. Christopher Beale, a journalist, producer and audio engineer with KQED, lives across the street from the building and said he saw construction on the building throughout the week and on the rooftop, but was not expecting the bright lights. "Around 11 last night they had it at full blast, strobing, and it lit this entire area up like it was daylight," Beale told KTVU.

Twitter takes @X handle from its original user as company rebrands

This week saw some major moves in the rebranding of Twitter. One of those developments included taking over the @X handle from the San Francisco resident who has used that username for more than 16 years. Gene X. Hwang, who co-founded Orange Photography in San Francisco, says he received no compensation from Elon Musk's company, now known as X.