Big banks create $30B rescue package for First Republic

Eleven of the biggest banks in the country announced a $30 billion rescue package for First Republic Bank on Thursday, in an effort to prevent the California-based bank from becoming the third bank to fail in less than a week and head off a broader crisis in the banking sector. 

Mark Zuckerberg's San Francisco home sells for $31M

Mark Zuckerberg sold his San Francisco home for $31 million, according to a grant deed filed with the city on July 1. The off-market sale is reportedly the biggest residential deal in San Francisco so far this year.

Facebook jumps into 'smart' sunglasses business, teams with Ray-Ban

Seven years after the ill-fated Google Glass, and five years after Snap rolled out Spectacles, another tech giant is trying its hand at internet-connected smart glasses, hoping that this time around things might be different and people will actually wear them.