Normally cool areas under Bay Area heat advisory through Saturday

High temperatures around the Bay Area have prompted a heat advisory that has been extended through 11 p.m. on Saturday

The sweltering sun sent many people to Bay Area beaches Thursday trying to get some relief from the heat.

"We go to cooler environments like San Francisco and here because usually it's way different," said Catherine Sanchez who traveled to Alameda's Crown Beach from Antioch.

Temperatures, though, were not so different as the areas that normally get cooling ocean breezes climbed above 80-degrees.

Erica Wilson says she and her family came to Crown Beach in Alameda, because their home was too hot.

"If it's 85 degrees outside, then it's about 100 degrees in the home. We have skylights with little to no AC. It's a very old building," said Erica Wilson of Oakland.

Wilson says she usually works from home. But Thursday, she brought a pop-up tent and turned it into an office for a work-from-the-beach day.

"I have my laptop here. Sending out my last emails," said Wilson.

Normally cool areas along the coast were sweltering.

"I live in downtown San Rafael," said Jake Sutter, a host at Copita restaurant in Sausalito. "Too hot, too hot. It was reading about 93-95 when I was leaving for work."

Jake Sutter is host at Copita Restaurant in Sausalito.

Ceiling fans were on, heat lamps were off, and patrons were avoiding seats around the open fire roaster.

"You can see the waterfront from where we are, but it still feels like we're 30-40 miles inland. It's really hot. It's really hot," said Sutter.

"It was hot indoors. It was really hard to fall asleep. You know, we don't have an AC system and so the fan was on, but it was still hard to sleep," said Heather Barrett of Mill Valley who picked a table outdoors, the hot weather still perfect for ordering hot wings al fresco.

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For one woman, hot dogs were the reason she was out for a walk, pushing her two pugs in a stroller along the waterfront in Sausalito.

"They can't breathe very well with the heat they're not good with that," said Jenny Mattson who lives in Sausalito. "Just trying to get a little cool off and be by the water."

Many people are trying to tough it out with open windows and fans, but with the hot weather days seeming to become more frequent, some people are taking more serious measures.

"The lady that just bought that house installed an actual air conditioner," said Phillip Torretto who lives in Sausalito. "I now have a portable one. That I thought would never happen in Sausalito."