San Francisco's downtown legacy businesses in need of holiday shopping boost

Some of San Francisco's legacy businesses downtown say they are seeing a slight increase in shoppers, as the city goes all out this holiday season to draw more people to Union Square and the surrounding area to shop and dine.  "I've felt safe the few days I've been here. It's very walkable," said Alex Eddings, a tourist visiting from Nashville.

San Francisco streets still cleared post-APEC, but will it last?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is over, and locals in San Francisco noticed a difference in street conditions during the conference. It's a change that many say they've noticed the cleaner conditions on many of the city's streets. Now the question is how to maintain that momentum.

Will L.A.'s hotel strike come to San Francisco?

L.A.'s massive hotel strike continued into its third day with legions of union service workers demanding higher wages and more hires to help them. Workers at one hotel haven't had a raise in 5 years, according to the union.